Please be informed that water supply shutdown continues to be experienced on 05/07/18 in the following parts of Maseru: Lithabaneng, Matala, Leqele, Motsóeneng, Borokhoaneng, Qoaling, Lithoteng Abia and Masianokeng. This is due to production related challenges at the Metolong Treatment Works. Other areas in Maseru and towns supplied by the Metolong dam (Morija, Roma and TY) may also experience water shortages.

Message from our CEO

We are just into the third month of the new financial year of 2018/19 and I felt it imperative to share with you some of the major milestones we have achieved in 2017/ 18.

We want to make 2018/ 19, the year of progress where each and everyone of our customers should experience excellent service in many aspects.

In the past year, we completed water supply project Ha Foso and Marabeng which brought access to clean water for the first time to these peri-urban communities.This year, we are taking further steps by extending the supply network to ensure that more people have water in their backyards.

We have also rehabilitated our network at Maseru East and Qoaling which were hardest hit by bursts and leakages due to dilapidated Asbestos Cement Pipes (ACP) infrastructure. We have also introduced motorbikes and meter reading gadgets to improve accuracy and speed in meter reading.

This year we will continue to undertake more projects to rehabilitate our supply network across the Country, to curb the loss of treated water due to bursts and leakages and protect our water sources. We are also working hard to improve water supply in Butha-Buthe, Leribe and Maputsoe.

We will share good news regarding the upcoming Lesotho Lowlands Water Supply Project on this website and in our publications soon.

Mr. Lehlohonolo Manamolela - CE


Conservation Lifestyle. Good habits. Play your role in the commitment to water conservation by embracing wise water use as a daily habit.

Water is a valuable resource yet millions of litres are wasted daily by us all. Water conservation is therefore everyone's responsibility and is as important during heavy rainfall seasons as much as in the dry season.

WASCO encourages customers to wise-up to water and make simple changes in their daily lives to save this valuable resource.