The Water and Sewerage Company (WASCO) informs its customers in Maseru in the following areas; Maseru West, Maseru East, Sea Point, Moshoeshoe II, Part of Khubetsoana and Mabote of the shortage of water supply in the said areas. This pertains to the low production as a result of high turbidity experienced in our raw water source which is Mohokare river. The Company is working tirelessly to normalise the situation and once the challenge has been addressed, the said areas will have adequate supply of water. WASCO regrets the inconvenience to be caused by this.

Holiday message from our acting CEO

In the face of significant challenges, we continue to make significant progress. 2018, has certainly been a challenging year with the severe drought that has led to water crisis across the country.

We continue to engage in extensive measures to supply potable water of good quality to our customers, but we have introduced restrictions in some towns that have been hardest hit by drought.

We have embarked on a campaign to save water. Improving response time to leaks and bursts is key to this campaign.

In this regard, maintenance crews have been beefed up and a robust preventive maintenance plan is being implemented.


The plan entails; rehabilitation of old pipelines, leak detection and increased surveillance along the Metolong downstream conveyance system and replacement of asbestos cement pipelines (ACP) in the major towns.

Asbestos pipes have been replaced with PVC pipes in Mafeteng and reservoir overflow control equipment installed at some reservoirs in Mafeteng and Quthing.


The weather outlook indicates that the drought condition will continue well into the beginning of 2019.

All our customers and valued stakeholders are therefore urged to adopt efficient use of water practices such as using buckets in washing cars, watering cans for gardening and attending to dripping pipelines in their homes.

Despite the drought, I am proud of the remarkable achievements we have made in our efforts to expand our service areas.

We successfully completed the Foso/Marabeng project which was intended to increase the number of people with access to clean water services.

We have also made notable improvements in sewerage services through the Maseru Waste Water Project at Hillsview, Thetsane West and Masowe by rehabilitating the network to address challenges of sewer overflows.

As acting CEO, I am humbled by the strength of our team and the partnerships we have with our customers, community leaders, development partners, suppliers, consultants and contractors.

I thank you for your commitment and contributions towards delivering on our mandate.

We rely on all of you to continue to fuel our progress in 2019 and beyond. Wishing you a healthy and happy holiday season.


Mr. Remaketse Latela - CE a.i


Conservation Lifestyle. Good habits. Play your role in the commitment to water conservation by embracing wise water use as a daily habit.

Water is a valuable resource yet millions of litres are wasted daily by us all. Water conservation is therefore everyone's responsibility and is as important during heavy rainfall seasons as much as in the dry season.

WASCO encourages customers to wise-up to water and make simple changes in their daily lives to save this valuable resource.