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WASCO in 2006 joined the international move towards good corporate citizenship and social responsibility, a relatively new phenomenon affecting business across the world today. Our embracing of corporate social responsibility came about not as a result of international pressure towards good corporate citizenship, but was born out of our deep rooted belief that caring about the communities we serve and the environmental in which we operate is essential and critical to our success as an organization. We belief that it is only by giving back to the communities we serve and by taking care of the environment that we, and our country, will grow and prosper.

Our Social Responsibility is guided by our policy and we offer assistance in the following areas (for registered charity organizations only):


Vulnerable and orphaned children

The elderly


Initiatives that improve knowledge of communities we serve

Ever since our involvement in corporate social responsibility, our social responsibility spending has been diverse, informed mainly driven by the needs of the communities we serve. During the Financial Year 2012/2013 our social responsibility spending was on the following areas:


Graduate Development Programme and

The disabled and vulnerable children

or 2013/2014 our Social Responsibility Programme will focus on vulnerable and orphaned children in our project areas. the CSR Committee engages in a needs assessment study in the project areas and identify an organization deemed worthy of support as per our CSR Policy.

Please visit to our News Section for more news about Social Responsibility

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