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Dear Customer,

Please be informed that the new connections unit will cut down water supply in Borokhoaneng on Thursday 22nd June 2017 starting at 8 am. The areas to be affected are Dion, Borokhoaneng and some parts of Ha Seoli. This is due to the effecting of a fire hydrant connection to a newly built warehouse at Borokhoaneng. The supply of water will be back to normal after completion of the works.

WASCO apologises for the inconvenience to be caused by this.

New 2017/18 water rates

New Water Tariff Structure Announcement

Please be informed that the water tariffs as approved by LEWA have changed as follows:

Band Old Rates New Rates
A 0-5 KL  M 4.90 M 5.12
B > 5-10 KL M 8.31/KL M 8.69/KL
C > 10-15 KL M 14.59 M 15.26
D > 15 KL M 20.12 M 21.04

For other changes please see Tariffs.

Be water-wise, water saving tips

Water is a valuable resource yet millions of litres are wasted daily by us all. Water conservation is therefore everyone's responsibility and is as important during heavy rainfall seasons as much as in the dry season. WASCO encourages customers to wise-up to water and make simple changes in their daily lives to save this valuable resource

Metsi ke bophelo • Water is life poster
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News Updates

17th October 2016

WASCO’s build up to 50th independence anniversary kicks off in style - The Lesotho 50th independence anniversary is a great milestone that needs to be marked proudly by all Basotho; this is why WASCO sponsored the national event with a number of items which were handed over to the Deputy Minister of Home Affairs Honourable Phallang Monare at an occasion held on 30th September, 2016 at WASCO head office in Maseru.

21st September 2016

WASCO kicks off 50th independence anniversary celebrations with a fun walk - On Friday 16th September, 2016 WASCO kick started the independence anniversary celebrations with a fun walk aimed at encouraging staff members to join the national festivities held as a build up to the main event to be held on October 4th.

12th July 2016

A promise to end struggle for every drop ha Foso - Residents of ha Foso came in numbers despite the winter chills on the morning of 26th June, 2016 for a public gathering held by the Minister of Water Mr. Ralechate Mokose.

17th June 2016

Pipe burst floods Lekhaloaneng - Several homes, business establishments and street vendors’ spots flooded following a burst water pipe at Lekhaloaneng on 10th June, 2016.

31st March 2016

LEWA Approves New Water and Sewerage Charges for 2016/17 - On 23rd March, 2015 Lesotho Electricity and Water Authority (LEWA) Board of Directors made an announcement on the approved water charges following Water and Sewerage Company (WASCO) application requesting a tariff review submitted in January. The new tariffs will be effective from 1st April, 2016.

25th January 2016

Greater Maseru Water Supply Project Feasibility Study Draft Report Presented before Stakeholders - Stakeholders in the water, development and planning sectors came together in Maseru to discuss the Greater Maseru project feasibility study preliminary report in January, 2016.

25th January 2016

Minister ‘Mokose Launches Water Supply for Villages along the Metolong Pipeline Route - The Minister of Water Mr. Ralechate ‘Mokose on 16 January 2016 launched water supply for villages along the Metolong pipelines as part of drought relieve measures.

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