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2016/17 Tariffs

  Domestic Customers

  Old New
Standing charge for domestic customers M40.90 M40.90
  M21.93 M00.00 for Band A



Consumption Old Rates New Rates


0 to 5 Kilolitres M4.51 M4.90 per 1000 liters


>5 to 10 Kilolitres M7.64 M8.31 per 1000 liters
C >10 to 15 Kilolitres M13.42 M14.59 per 1000 liters
D >ABOVE 15 Kilolitres M18.50 M20.12 per 1000 liters
Standpipe customers M6.11 M6.64
Standpipe standing charge M0.00 M0.00

  Non Domestic Customers- Water

  Old New
Standing charge for non-domestic excl. government & churches M272.35 M272.35
Standing charge for government M393.39 M393.39
Standing charge for churches (religions) M196.70 M196.70
All consumption (industries, business, government) M12.21 M13.28
All consumption (Schools, churches) M12.11 M13.17


All types of customers - Sewerage

The sewerage is charged M9.70 on 85% of water consumed
The non-waterborne sewerage is charged M9.70 on 60% of water consumed

These tariffs are effective from the 1st April, 2016

  WASCO Management

WASCO has assumed that water returned to sewers is 85% of kilolitres billed.


 Water and Sewerage Company - Lesotho



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