Frequently Asked Questions

Identification(Passport, Driver’s License and National ID) M50.00 for survey and directions to your location.

There are four bands based on the distance from nearby main/supply pipe to your property, they are as follows;

  • Band 1 from 0 to 25Meters is M1575
  • Band 2 from 26 to 50Meters  is M2575
  • Band 3 from 51 to 100Meters  is M3575
  • Band 4 from 101 to 150Meters is M4575

Existing account number to the property, M50.00 for survey and Directions to your location.

  • Within 6 working days where existing infrastructure can be used and the distance between network pipe and premises of customer is within 150M.
  • Within 10working days for areas where new infrastructure has to be constructed.
Call or visit the service center at which you made the application for updates provision.
  • You don't connect water to another house or unauthorized connections
  • You don't fiddle or tamper (bypass) with any WASCO property e.g. meter,
  • Reporting of faults
  • Payment of bills
Customer Category Unit cost excluding Levies (M/K) Adding Customer Levy@M0.2311/kl(M/Kl) Final cost (M/K)
Domestic Customers

  • Band 1 (0-5 kl)
  • Band 2 (5.1-10kl)
  • Band 3 (10.1-15kl)
  • Band 4 (above 15)












Non Domestic

  • Government , Business & Industry
  • Schools & Religious institutions






Customer Category Approved Standing Charges per Month
Domestic Customers

  • Band 1 (0-5 kl)
  • Band 2 (5.1-10kl)
  • Band 3 (10.1-15kl)
  • Band 4 (above 15)



Non Domestic

  • Government ,&schools
  • Business & Industry
  • & Religious institutions


Customer’s meter is read and billed once a month from the 26th every month to the 06 on the next month

Billing cycle completes on the 18th every month and delivery is done through postal services , SMS and/or hand delivery to customer’s property.

  1. Customer’s name, addresses and account number
  2. Statement date and tariff category
  3. Date of the bill
  4. Previous balance, any adjustments effected, as well as payments
  5. Meter number
  6. Current meter reading as well as the previous reading
  7. Kl consumed and charges payable
  8. Amount due, and date due
  • It is not WASCO's intention and desire to do bill estimates but these are sometimes done due to inaccessibility to customers' facilities due to dogs, security systems etc
  • However, WASCO will also do bill estimates if a customer's meter was not included in a monthly billing cycle.

Bring Account number, M30.00 and Directions.

Account number, M50.00 application and direction.

Account number M50.00 application and direction.

Visit your regional/area services center along with the following;

  • Account number,
  • ID/Passport
  • Termination letter for tenants
  • Fill the disconnection form. You will be provided with the last readings from the meter. The final bill shall be prepared for you to make account settlement

M150 re-connection fee

Depending on the need for referrals, such queries must not be responded to beyond 5 working days.

Yes you will still be charged the monthly standing fees which will accumulate and you will have to settle it on your return. However if you apply for voluntary disconnection, you will avoid such.

Change of ownership is only allowed if the necessary account have been settled and there is a proof of change of ownership. We will require details of the new account holders such as their certified copies of their IDs, dead of sale agreement/new lease if readily available, security deposit etc.

To close your business account we demand the following;

A signed letter in company letter heads stating the request for closure or sale of the business, full payment of the account and proof thereof.

Only M100.00 if is within the customer/complainant premises.

Consult the nearest WASCO service center to report the matter. Field work shall be carried out to verify any irregularities and feedback provided thereof. If dissatisfaction persist you will be required to pay for meter test at M30.00 and the results will be final

You have the right to take your query further if you are not satisfied. The following are people you can contact;

  • Customer Relationship Manager - 22262110
  • Public Relations Manager - 22262009

You bring along the following documents;

  • Previous tenant account number
  • Allocation letter from the relevant landlord/ministry
  • Passport or ID/certificate of incorporation for companies
  • Security deposit (M75.00 for domestic and 100.00 for non-domestic

You must have a prepaid meter installed at your premises and bring along the following;

  • M180.00 for token purchase
  • Lease or allocation letter/sub lease for tenants
  • ID/Passport

You can buy from the following places;

  • WASCO cash center HQ
  • Engen garage  - pioneer
  • Luna Blue next to Lehakoe recreation
  • Mejametalana filling station – lakeside
  • Gateway
  • Pick ‘n Pay

Attach your token onto the magnetic surface on the side of the meter until the units appear on the display.

You can call any service center/Call Centre to lodge a complaint. Also walk-ins are allowed at all service centers.

Account number, telephone , Id, box number , physical address.

Visit WASCO service center where you will be provided clearance form to fill and directions to the property you are exiting. Our technical team will do field meter inspection and any outstanding fee shall be disclosed if any.