Current Projects

Name of Project Description Implementation Status Duration/ Completion Date Financer
Greater Maseru Water Supply Project The overall objectives of the project are to extend the water supply network service to the designated urban area of Maseru.  The design of water supply for the Project areas is based on 25 years’ horizon starting from year 2015 up to year 2040.

The project is divided into three Packages:

Package1 (South): Ha Makhoathi, Ha Bosofo, Mazenod Ha Luka, Ha `Masana

Package 2 (South West): Ha Tsautse, Qoaling, Ha Tšiame, Ha Lesia

Package 3 (The North East): Ha Mabote, Tšenola, Foso/Marabeng/Berea.

The proposed transmission line from Metolong Carrier at Senekane Junction to the High North Reservoir.

The project is the Design Stage 2023/03/01 Government of Lesotho, BADEA and OPEC Fund
Maseru Waste Water Project Works (5a) Installation/ of approximately 3kms of sewage network in the Khubetsoana-Bochabela Area 1 Procurement Stage 1 year Government of Lesotho
Maputsoe Water Supply Augmentation Project Increasing the current extraction capacity from Mohokare river by 5ML Procurement Stage 1 year Government of Lesotho
Mafeteng Asbestos Replacement project Replacement of 15kms of AC pipeline 14 km out of 15 completed in Mafeteng

Mohale's hoek is under construction

1 year WASCO
Pipeline Extension Extension of the water networkat Ha Foso (Ha Sepinare), Ha Jimisi and Mpesi Likhoele Mpesi and Ha Jimisi completed

Ha Foso still at precurement stage

1 year WASCO
Line 4 Migration Replacement of the Line 4 AC pipe that runs through C - Point, Moshoeshoe 2, Maseru East, Mabote, Litupung, DLM and Selakhapane, with a uPVC pipe Selection of a contractor who shall supply materials and one to execute the works 1 year WASCO
Moshoeshoe 1 International Airport Sewer Upgrade Improvement of the current waste water treatment at Moshoeshoe I International Airpot Planning Stage TBA Government of Lesotho
Ha Belo Water Supply Project Increasing the current extraction capacity from Mohokare river to Butha Buthe by 6ML Planning Stage Government of Lesotho
Metolong Conveyance Tertiary Lines and Connections Lot 1 to 6 Augmentation of water supply in areas along the Metolong Downstream Conveyance System. The project will undertake extension and upgrading of water network pipelines to cover all households in all Lesotho Lowlands Rural Water Supply Sanitation Project (LLWSSP) zones that will be provided for in WASCO billing system for proper metering and billing and maintenance of the distribution network thereof.  The project will also assist WASCO to increase its customer base and decrease Non-Revenue Water (NRW).

The project is divided into six Lots:

Lot 1: Thaba Bosiu (Zone 17)

Lot 2: Ha Makhalanyane (Zone 19)

The Project is in the Procurement Stage Duration:

110 days

Government of Lesotho